Beloren contains the active ingredient azelaic acid which has been proving its worth for 20 years in the treatment of acne. This substance has been approved in this indication area in over 70 countries.
Acne is a complex disease, often associated with a whole set of pathomechanisms such as an increased activity of the sebaceous gland and exuberant cornification or hyperkeratosis and microbial hypercolonisation, resulting in an inflammatory response.
Azelaic acid (a dicarboxylic acid which also occurs in nature) is known for its keratolytic properties and displays anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, the active substance interferes in two central processes of the acne pathology. Its toxicity potential is – at the same time – very low according to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.



This allows for cost savings for the customer and generates more competition on the market.
The co-payment from patients is reduced, just like the costs the health insurance companies have to bear.